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A View from the Top (Top Down Sweaters, that is)

This may belong in another category.
I am taking a look at top down sweater techniques. Cocoknits, Elizabeth Doherty set-in sleeve, Jennifer Wood saddle stitch, Barbara Walker and circular yoke designs.
Questions to look at are:
Is the structure just as sound as bottom up pieced?
How do you achieve shoulder definition in a “traditional” pattern? Stitches, color?
Set in sleeve techniques? Ease of understanding.
Would anyone be interested?

Karen Templer of Fringe Association has good advice and information about top down construction.


Ann Budd has a wonderfully handy top-down sweater book, showing all sizes for various shoulder styles, and how to change things up for your own preferences. There is no reason the structure cannot be as sound with top down. Just keep in mind the shoulder style that hangs off your own body best, when you pick a sweater design. Also, top-down designs with good fit in the neck may have an odd-looking start, where you go back and forth building up the back neck before you start doing anything with the shoulds and front. Trust me, it works.

@danieletodaro I hope you’ve had a chance to try some of these techniques. Don’t miss Asa Tricosa. Her Ziggurat method creates beautifully tailored shoulders.