A Year Late! Bang Out a Revolution

Hi everyone! I am a year late but I have my Nora G. sweater pattern and yarn. Here’s my dilemma.
I would like to use the cables that are shown in the caplet, but prefer a full, long sleeve sweater. Are there conversion directions in the book? Thanks!


You can do this!
There’s a thread here with so much advice and information about using the various cables from Field Guide 9 in a pullover or cardigan or the capelet.
I made the pullover with the calligraphy cable and love how it worked out.

The capelet chart is 6 rounds longer than the liberty tree, but can easily end 4 or 7 rows sooner if you are working a smaller size.
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions here or on that thread - Happy Knitting!


I agree with @nellknits. Also, if you search ravelry or Instagram you will probably find the combination you are looking for.

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