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We’re all knitting, but we’re also making all sorts of stuff. Here’s where we explore crafts beyond knitting.

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So, Ann, is this where I start an Alabama Chanin topic?

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I’ll be filled with envy, if Alabama Chanin items start showing up here. Some day. My current low-level makesmanship is a struggle for uses for old menus from work. Nice thick paper, but what to do with the unused paper? I don’t know. I’m thinking paper chains, or cutting shapes and sewing them together for holiday decor? sheesh.

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Yes, please, start the Alabama Chanin thread here. I finished my Christmas knitting before Christmas, and thought I’d be done with my Project Peace Cowl soon after, but I just finished it yesterday. Those were the two knitting projects that needed to be off the needles before an Alabama Chanin project was started. I’m going to be sewing the Magdalena poncho in black/black, reverse negative appliqué. I’m a novice stitcher, so hopefully this project will help me move forward and improve my skills while being eminently doable from a technical perspective.

I printed on fabric with my inkjet printer and made these balsam or lavender filled ornaments/sachets for gifts.

Just use spray adhesive to affix light-weight linen to an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper (cut linen to the exact same size as the paper). Print, peel off paper and ta daa.

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oops, I think I put this in the wrong place. Sorry.