Advice on Posting a New Topic

I post questions infrequently but they are often never seen again! I get a bounce back message saying that the topic is with the moderator but it never seems to get released. Is this usual?

I cannot help, but wanted you to know I can see this!


But really, am I just being impatient? My questions/new posts take 5-7 days to be cleared by the moderator, by which time I’ve resorted to other solutions. Is this the usual time frame for me to adjust my expectations?


I have not started that many topics, so truly hard to say. Maybe email directly and ask?

I’ve tried that, but radio silence!

I feel like mine popped up quickly, but it’s been a while. I secind the advice to email, perhaos to Ann or Kay, if you don’t get a reply? Perhaps there’s a system bug.

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Dear friends,

So sorry to have left you all hanging–the problem is me! The place where new topics are moderated is buried in the Bermuda Triangle of our site, and there is no notification system to let me know when a new topic has been posted. When I discover a new topic has been created, I approve it as soon as possible–but I’m dismayed when I find a topic that has been patiently waiting too long. Ugh! I do think I can disable the moderation requirement altogether, which means that a new topic will appear instantly. Here’s to a better future for new topics–thank you for your patience. Ann


No worries!

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Really sorry - I have tried to post the same question twice. When it did not appear I thought I had tried to post too early in my membership process - but no, you have them both. I can see no way to retract one! apologies

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I’ve had the same issue. Tried posting a topic but it never appeared. I only got a message saying it would be reviewed. If our topics are rejected for some reason, do we ever get notified of what the issue was? Or is it just that new members cannot start topics?

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I’ve had the same issue in the last couple of weeks too, with a new post still pending, as well as a couple of years ago. I think only one person moderates so it’s not really sustainable.

I’ve kind of given up posting new topics on this forum because of this unpredictable delay. Responding to existing threads seems more reliable in that they appear to register straight away!


My posts just disappear!


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Ok, thanks for the info. It’s been weeks since I tried posting a topic. I’ll just consider this site a good place for in-depth articles about yarn structure and stuff – which it definitely is! – and stick to Ravelry for posting questions.