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Advice on turning a pullover into a cardigan

I’ve been considering my Stopover pullover that I made a few years back. It’s just too warm to wear very often in Alabama, so I thought it would get more use as a cardigan. I think I will pick out the neck, needle felt down the center front, steek, pick up the front bands and knit them, then re-do the neckband. Has anyone else done this kind of sweater surgery?


I have. It worked out well. Here’s a picture of the final product, and a link to some needle felted pix on IG.


Yes, did it to create a piece needed for a theatrical costume, using a vintage sweater the designer swore was sooooo perfect if only it were a cardigan. Same basic method as you described. Good idea to make better use of something you treasure. Enjoy wearing it.


That looks great! I’m going to just go for it tomorrow. Will take photos and post.

Go for it. It makes total sense.

I’ve been thinking of making the Hadley pullover as a cardigan. Any advice?

I did exactly this with the stopover and added a zipper and stand-up
I did exactly this. I made it more of a jacket and used a bigger needle for the bottom ribbing so that it was not grabby. Also put in a zipper and a stand-up collar. I liked the needle felting too.

Go for it!


Whoops! I didn’t do surgery to turn it from a pullover into a cardigan. I knit it as a tube with sleeves and then steeked it. I am wearing the cardigan a lot.

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Maryjane Mucklestone has a new pattern for that sweater as a cardigan! Check out her website or her revelry page.


I did it! It was much easier than I feared it would be. I basted down the middle, needle felted, steeked, picked up button bands. Then sewed the steek down in the inside for extra peace of mind. I’m so happy with the result!


That looks amazing!

That’s beautiful! While it was a nice pullover sweater to begin with, you are right that it really shines as a cardigan! I never would have thought to do this. What a great idea!

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Oh wow! That looks fabulous, well done👏

I am planning to do it to a Knit Collage Kaleidoscope. Yours turned out great!