Advice please. I want to do a dipped hemline- slightly longer at the back- on a Cherry by Knit Cafe Mori

I’m making Cherry by Knit Cafe Mori. For the dipped hemline, I think I should use German short rows. I’m just a wee bit unsure where to start the short rows, e.g. at the side seam? Then knit till I go one stitch beyond the next side seam, so my short rows will be coming round to the front for a bit. Does this make sense?

I made last year’s Bang out Sweater with a dipped hem. I used the basic pattern from Norah Gaughan’s Interchange which is available on Ravelry. She had the short rows start in the front actually, and they were worked on about 2/3 of the sweater and you leave between 3/4 to 1 inch of stitches for about 4-5 inches. I hope that helps you decide. If you want to look at the sweater, it’s the Rope and Braid one. My sweater is on Ravelry as well

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Thank you very much! I shall check it out. Regards, Lesley