Apres Anything Socks Cast On

I’ve finally finished some mittens and want to start the Apres Anything socks. The pattern says to use the cable cast-on but all the instructions for that cast on say it’s firm and not stretchy. Isn’t that the opposite of what I want in the top of a sock?

I’ve made two pairs of these socks, and the thing about them is that they are incredibly smooshy and soft. A bit slouchy. The cable cast-on gives a bit of structure to the top. I don’t think you’ll have a problem with it being too firm. Curious to hear how it goes for you!

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Thanks, Ann1. I’ll be casting on momentarily with some Mirasol Miski 100% baby llama yarn I had just laying around the house. It is so soft I was worried about the socks oozing off my feet, maybe the cast on will help prevent that. I’ll report.

There is also a version of cable cast on called Alternative Cable Cast-on that has the structure of the original Cable Cast-On but is classified differs in being much stretchier. Works better for longer fiber yarns.

Thanks, Kerrie, I’ll look it up.