Bjork "Debut"-style sweater: Pattern Recs?

Hi everybody! New to the forum, happy to be here! I’ve been in love with the fuzzy, oversized sweater Bjork wears on the cover of her first album, Debut, for a long time, and lately I’ve had a hankering to make one for myself. Does anyone know of any patterns close to what I’m looking for? I’m attaching the best reference pictures I could find (and there aren’t that many, weirdly!); it looks like it has either a slightly rolled or really widely ribbed crewneck, and the ribbing on the sleeve cuffs is really thin as well. Thanks so much!


Wow, I love this sweater. I think the yarn is the star here, it looks like a very basic sweater, long with a bit of shaping at the waist. A strand of a wool yarn in a fingering weight plus a strand of kid mohair/silk such as Shibui Silk Cloud or Neighborhood Fiber Company Loft. OR a double strand of either of those yarns.

I don’t see ribbing at the cuffs. I believe they are just cast on or bound off without ribbing. Can’t really make out the neck but it looks like a very simple crew neck. Even the sleeve construction is obscured by the mohair fuzz. The way she’s wearing it, and you can see her shoulders looking kind of square, makes me think it’s a set-in sleeve, but that could also be just the way it fits her and it’s actually a circular yoke, which is so common with Icelandic sweaters.

A long way of saying I don’t know! But I’d start with a basic pullover pattern you like, and find some mohair, and off you go.


I am in love with Bjork AND this sweater. This would look so great with a regular yarn held together with mohair. I’m a little bit obsessed now, too. :wink:

I swear Kim Hargreaves and/or Martin Storey has a few patterns kind of like this … here are a couple I found. I’m sure there are many more that would work well! (just don’t knit the turtleneck)


I found this picture where you can clearly see the shoulder seam.


Thanks so much, y’all!! Fayer, the pattern with the turtleneck Jen suggested, is perfect in terms of length as well as yarn weight (I have a nice fuzzy heavy-worsted yarn in my sights), but it’s out of print! Does anyone know the best way to get my hands on it, preferably without using Amazon?


Here it is on ebay … :wink: There are a lot of great patterns in this book.

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(Also, a LYS I just visited in MN has this book - )