Bucket for summer!

Hi! I am a Florida teacher and will be back in school Aug 3. Soooooo…I jumped the gun for camp and finished my bucket hat. I LOVED the pattern! Thanks!
Judy Miller


Fantastic! I have mine underway, too.


Lovely! Working on mine as well.


I just made the Magic Circle and worked the 6 sc into it. I was actually afraid I wouldn’t be able to make it happen, but that video was so clear that even I, a super novice crocheter, could make it happen. And by Super novice, I mean I have never crocheted before. I’m so excited! I’m really looking forward to camp!


I attended camp and learned a lot! It took me a few tries but I think I’ve got the crochet stitch down. Does anyone know when and how we’ll be able to view the video? I missed quite a few details, such as placing the marker, changing hat sizes, etc.

Hello, I was very late in trying to join the CAL for the bucket hat and it was sold out. When will the pattern be released to the rest of us who were not able to join? Would like to make it soon and before the summer was over. Thank you!

The video is up now; you should have received an email last night…or the link is in this mornings snippets too. If you go to Vimeo, and look under moderndailyknitting, all their videos are there.

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Does this pattern have a page in Ravelry? I want to link to it in my projects. Thanks!!

Wonderful! have a great school year.

Coming soon! :heart:

It soon will! Look out in Snippets for the announcement.

I had lots of questions about how to tell whether you’ve worked one or two sc into a stitch, so here’s a visual aid.



9 rounds down 36 to go!

bucket hat


I finished yesterday. It was so much fun learning a new craft. I normally hold my working yarn in my right hand when I knit, so using my left was my biggest challenge (and counting, lol). My tension will hopefully become more even in the future.


It looks great! Did the brim roll up on its own or did you make it donthat?

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It only took some gentle encouragement to roll up.


Thank you for the visual aids. These are great.

Are the two colors you’re using Natural and Pumpkin in the Rowan Creative Cotton?


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Glad that helped! That’s Pumpkin and Silver in my sample.


Thank you!