C1L,C1R abbreviation

I am hoping someone here may know this abbreviation and send a link. I am making Merrified and C1L, C1R is in Row 4 of a 4 row cable repeat pattern. Is it Cable 1 left or is it Cross 1 left? I can’t find it anywhere.

Thank you!

Glancing at the picture on Ravelry (and assuming it’s the lovely Quince pullover) I think you would work the second stitch either by removing it with a spare needle to the front, knitting the next stitch, then knitting the stitch held to the front (cable) or by shimmying the needle behind the first stitch to knit the second stitch and then knitting the first, removing both stitches at the same time (cross). Are there no abbreviations and terms on the pattern?

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Thank you! I then looked at the pattern on my computer and yes-Special notes that did not print out the first time. It is really a lovely cable because you are crossing a dropped stitch and it leaves a nice loop:)