Calligraphy Cardigan: Neck Shaping

I thought I was doing really well, this being my first seamless sweater. Wrong! I completed the short rows and everything looked great, following the instructions to knit to 8.5” from the highest point. Given my gauge of 6.5 rows to 8.5 inches I was knitting to 55 rows. Well after row 34 something just doesn’t seem right. Is the 8.5 “measurement taken from the highest point to the cast on? If so, mine measures 9.5” to the cast on. Help! Thank goodness I put a life line in on the last short row.

This measurement should be taken at the front of the sweater, which after completing the short rows is actually the lowest point.
You’re probably very close now!

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So I understand correctly I should take the measurement from the highest point to the end of the sweater( the stitches on my needle), which would be at the side, which is actually the lowest point from the cast on. I am going to try to attach a photo.

OK, am I seeing the first lifeline under the completion of the cable chart and the second under the completion of the short rows?
The measurement of 8 1/2 inches should be from the cast on edge, so I think you have a bit of un-knitting to do. Sorry.

Yes. You are correct! I thought it was a bit odd. Can you please tell me if I am taking the measurement from the correct spot. It is the lowest point on the short row lifeline, and measures 7 inches. If I move it to the center or the highest point I am at 9.5 “. Which is 1” too high. Ugh!

The bottom measurement is correct. xo

Hallelujah! Thank you so much.

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Just to clarify, the one along the cardigan front edge.

Yes, the measurement along the cardigan front edge. The front is lower than the back (due to the short rows in the back add more depth).

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I am having a difficult time translating the directions as written in the pattern, with what needs to be done. “ Continuing in st st, work even until piece is…( got that!) from highest point ( this is where it falls apart for me), ending on a WS row.

Thank goodness for this forum!

Thank you both.

You’ll be dividing the fabric: work across the front, hold the sleeve stitches, cast on for the underarm, continue across the back, hold the sleeve stitches, cast on for the underarm, and complete by working the other front.
Now only the body stitches are on the needle.
You’ll work in stockinette stitch as directed to the hem.

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