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Can I repair a Toto?

I knit

a Toto set for my sweet s-i-l.
She returned it damaged and asked me to fix.

I dint know if it is fixable
I should just knit another.


Oh dear. On the one hand, it’s so sad to see your work in this condition. On the other hand, it’s thrilling to see that it was well used for it’s intended purpose. If your s-i-l used this basically to death, I think you show your gratitude by thanking this one for its usefulness*, tossing it,** and then showing your s-i-l some love by making her a brand new one.

  • Maria Kondo I am not.
    ** I have Helpsy bins in my neighborhood. You can put fiber in any condition from lovely clothes to yarn scarps in them and they sort them for donate, thrift, and recycle. Keeps it out of the landfills.

Um, what is a Toto?

I just looked it up on Ravelry . It’s a potholder


Thank you! Can’t really tell from the picture.