Can you help me shrink an alpaca sweater?

I have just completed a boxy, sweater/vest in 100% alpaca. It is a straight forward, subtly textured rib pattern by Churchmouse, called the Flat Rib Popover. I made the smallest size and it was looking like it would fit just right. When first trying it on, it seemed to be OK (this is not a fitted style). I wore it one day last week and it seemed to grow during the day and be quite a bit looser by the end of the work day! No longer looks that nice on me. I think the heaviness is part of it. I would like to try to shrink it slightly, but I have had awful experiences doing this (usually involving the dryer just a little too much…). I’m not sure about this fiber. Can someone offer some guidance? Thanks so much!

Sorry I can’t give you any advice, just solidarity, really. I knit my mum an alpaca vest and she never wears it because it’s too big… :roll_eyes:

I can’t offer advice on shrinking but alpaca has no memory like wool. It grows. So my understanding is that you can’t wash and block it to the proper size. That is why I won’t knit a sweater with straight alpaca - it needs to have some wool in the fiber or be held with another fiber.

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Lesson learned. In the meantime…I’ll have to try something! Thank you!

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my sister shrunk a 100% alpaca sweater that i had knit. it really looks great slightly felted. i would put it in the washer in a delicates bag on cool or warm but not the dryer.

Thank you!