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Catching Floats in Garter Stitch

How do you manage catching floats on the wrong side in garter stitch? My shawl pattern “5 Lines” calls for intermittent two row stripes that being on the bottom edge of the piece. When knitting on the WS in garter your working yarn is, as with the RS, always in the back. I am unable to bring the yarn to the front (WS) catch the float, then return the working yarn to the back without the contrasting yarn peeking through and distorting the stripe. I have not found any tutorial on catching floats in garter stitch. Can someone please help me?

I cannot think of how this could be done without causing chaos. I’m still looking, but am quite mystified.
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eta- I did see this project on Ravelry- Ravelry: LacedWithLove's Route 66 that mentioned contacting the designer and receiving a solution. Do tell!

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Thank you nellknits. It is somehow reassuring to see that I am not alone in this quandary.

I also read the comment made by a knitter who said that she received help from the designer quite some time ago. My thought was to wonder why neither she nor the designer made everyone aware of the “tip” by posting a comment with the information or better still, publishing an updated version of the pattern.

Thank you again for your note.


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