Cedar Sweater storage

We plan on hacking an IKEA cabinet to line it with cedar for sweater storage. I’ve been doing research, but I’m getting conflicting information.S
Use cedar shelves or don’t let the sweater touch the cedar as it could stain.

Open shelves are sufficient or you need it closed in with a door to make it effective.

You need to refresh the surface by sanding every 3 months or every 3 years.

A light in the cabinet does or does not help with pest control.

All my sweaters are in sweater bags, and I do clean the sweaters before setting them aside for the season. (one shawl I knitted that I placed in a brand new sweater bag only to have it attacked before I even wore it - apparently don’t use a sweater bag that has cardboard for rigidity)

Does anyone have a reliable source for information?

There is lots of information out there. I can’t point you to any one definitive source, but can relate my own experience: Cedar can perhaps deter moths but won’t kill them. I had a moth infestation on a LR rug that then spread to two of my closets and some of my scarves and skirts got a few holes (which I was able to repair luckily) but a couple scarves that weren’t being warn were totally destroyed and I disposed of them.
I have a blanket box that is cedar inside for my most precious cashmere pieces and they’ve never been touched. It is very well made and airtight, which is essential. I place my sweaters on the boards with no staining; I don’t sand the boards.
If I’m not actively wearing my woolens, whatever doesn’t fit in my blanket box goes into big ziplock bags that have a vent to vacuum out the air, or plastic bins that seal. But of course they have to be washed and free of moth or larva before storing. Since not everything can be washed in hot water, place the items in a freezer first then do the cool wash and air dry before placing in bins or bags.
I’ve had no further moth holes in my clothing but I still find the occasional moth or larva on the underside of my living room rug.
Hope this is helpful.


That was very helpful. Thank you.

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How long do you keep it in the freezer?

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About 2-3 days.


Thank you.

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I, also, had a moth infestation in my living room rug. I tossed it out immediately. After a thorough cleaning, I have also stored all my wool in plastic ziplock bags and purchased moth traps. I will replace them every 3 months. I also have cedar blocks in every bin, drawer and closet. I don’t sand them but I do apply cedar wood essential oils to them. Apparently, carpet and clothes moths are one and the same and are increasing.


Thank you for the info. I’m trying to avoid using plastic sweater bags for sweaters I wear frequently and the oil is a good tip.