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Curve of Pursuits afghan

I am making the Curve of Pursuits afghan pictured in Mason Dixon Knitting. I cannot figure out how to make the lines that travel out from the center along the long edges of each triangle along the four curves.
I know this is random and the book is old. If anyone has it, the photo is on page 67 but the pattern is online and does not give instructions on how to add this nice touch.

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It appears that the line you are describing is picked up and purled on the RS (or knit on the WS…)

Gosh. I am not sure how to do this … I did pay for the pattern but the picture is designed and made by the writers of the Mason Dixon knitting book. They simply refer to the Curve of Pursuit pattern. It doesn’t describe how they did the lines. I just want to know if they are knitting into the pattern as you go. Thanks for responding!

I have read the pattern and looked at all of the examples on Ravelry with no definitive answer -
and my thought is that the chain stitch is applied afterward. What makes me think this is that the yarn is one solid(ish) and continuous color.
The easiest way to do this, I believe, is to crochet with the hook on the top and the yarn underneath -

[Embellish Your Knits: Surface Chains with Crochet Hook | The Knitting Circle]

[Woolly Wits: Crochet Chain Applique Tutorial]

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