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Daily sweater help needed

I am having difficulty with the “The Daily Sweater”, I cannot understand the tables.
In row 5 of the medium do I figure out how to combine Row 1&3?

I’m at a complete loss here. Can you st more info about the pattern like the source or the designer. I checked Ravelry and the web but can’t tell which on it is.

This is the pattern for the daily sweater from the mason-Dixon book.

The designer is Kay Gardiner

I’m not sure what you mean by combine row 1 and 3, if you have followed the written directions, you have completed the ribbings and rounds 1-4 of the body and sleeve tops.
You will cross or twist the cables every 4th round.
For your size, on the 5th round, you will twist/cross the cable and increase in the body.
On round 6 you increase in the sleeves and the body.

I would copy the chart and cross each round off as I worked it.

Row one is a twist row and row 3 is an increase row. It looks to me by the lettering that they correspond with rows 1-4. Row 5 (TB) is both twisting and increasing.
I realize I need to write that out so I don’t get confused. If it was a row “T”, I would simply follow the instructions for Row 1.
This type of charting is completely new to me.

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