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Destination as a Cardigan

I want to knit the Destination Pullover as a Cardigan. Looks like I knit it as I did for my pullover, except with six stockinette stitches for the center front steek. When I have finished and blocked it, I would felt and cut the steek, then pick up for the button bands and lastly pick up and knit the neck ribbing. Am I on the right track?

I think you are on the right track. I’m interested in the advice you receive. I’m currently knitting FG 18 Debut Pullover as a cardigan and also added 6 stitches for the steek. I’m planning on a zipper, so no button bands. My sweater is denser and doesn’t have the drape as the one in the FG so I think a cardigan will be more practical. I did this recently on a vest and really like it. I’d like to try the felted edges on the steek. I also really like my destination pullover. Hope to see you photos!

I watched some YouTube videos about installing the zipper, which appeals to me too. Do you steek it, pick up for the neck trim and then sew in the zipper, or do the zipper first and then pick up for the neck. Wouldn’t there be a gap where the top of the zipper ends? Just trying to plan the steps. Did you see my Finished Destination Pullover?

Yes, i think your pullover is gorgeous. When I put in zippers on two vests, I picked up and knitted the collar in pattern and then knitted a plain lining. On my husband’s I followed the directions and sewed the knitting by machine, cut the steek and sewed in the separating zipper. I sewed a trim that hides the zipper tape on the inside of the vest and tucked the top of the zipper between the collar and the lining. On my own, the lining was curled on top of collar ribbing and looks great so I left it and hid the zipper end under the trim I sewed in. The zipper tape doesn’t show. I will try to add a photo.

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