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Diagonal Mitts FG18 Beginnings

Kay, Ann, you ladies are such a b-a-a-a-d influence. Keep it up. I absolutely do not need a new project on needles. I am supposed to be working on any of my countless UFOs. I stash shopped and started the Diagonal Mitts from the new Field Guide which arrived in my mailbox this AM. When I have knitted enough that it looks like something I’ll try for an update with a pic but 8 sts on #3 needles doesn’t look like much yet …


I really love those simple mitts!


I was lured by the diagonal mitts too. I did a stash dive and found a Blackcat Fibers sock yarn, colorway Hot Lips that I thought would be fun. It’s a bit finer than the recommended yarn so I went up to a size 4 needle. My gauge is still a bit off but I think I’ll just knit to the final measurement and not worry about gauge. I like the fabric and am hoping for the best.

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I do too sometimes just knit to final measurements when I like the fabric I’m getting but the gauge isn’t quite right, or I didn’t swatch first.


I will not start a new project…I will not start a new project…I will not stop wanting to start a new project…I will want to start a new project…I will start a new project…

Damn. No will power. But these are adorable.
Especially since my goal this year is to make hand warmers for my rather large group of sisters and nieces. Sigh. Grabbed some misc remenets of sock yarn, two sets of needles… into my suitcase with my other two WIPs.


The mitts knit up fast. I’m blocking mine now and will sew them tomorrow. Start to finish, 8 hours over 3 days.


50 grams Malabrigio merino with silk combined with 25grams lace weight darker merino. Ran out of the lace weight, so substituted another which you can see on the underside left mitt. I worked to get the gauge in the pattern then realized I just needed to knit the right size square (these are 6 in)

. These feel great and are a great use of a skein of yarn. Quick, too!


Finished my first set of diagonal mitts.
These are a gift for a teenager whose favorite color is hot pink.
She was very pleased


I love these, despite not being a “pink” person myself. They are so cheerful!

They look cute and comfortable!

1 mitt finished, 1 still in progress. Color is more vibrant than it appears.