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I saw this question somewhere, but not an answer. Have an almost finished sweater for my sister. Peruvian highland wool, Hand wash cool, lay flat to dry. Would like to be sure it’s as virus free as possible before sending it. Any idea how long COVID can last on wool (or cotton)? Any ideas about disinfecting? Probably don’t want to soak it in a bleach solution or alcohol. Then there’s the cursed dry cleaning. My next project is a baby sweater - 100% cotton that can be machine washed and dried. Does a cold wash and low dry do anything to the virus? Quite virtual hugs for all.


Full disclosure that I am not a health care professional but my husband works in a facility with covid protocols. I think the easy answer is that nobody really knows for sure. Cold appears to have no impact on this virus, but heat does. Does your dryer have a delicates setting? Maybe in a hot dryer with no spinning? Otherwise, in a ziploc in the sun. UV rays also not good for this virus?


I’ve found this chart helpful, perhaps it will help you? From the CDC and FDA, posted online by WebMD. (Never posted before, so I hope I do this right!)


Oops, now I realize this chart doesn’t list fabric! Sorry!!


You could also just finish it as you normally would, ship it and tell the recipient to simply leave the box untouched/unopened for a week…
If he/she can resist the allure of handknits! :wink:


That’s okay. Useful anyway. I was just about to go in search of such information. Thank you.

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