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Double knit hat with ribbed brim

I am looking for a pattern for a double knit hat with a ribbed brim and can’t find one anywhere. This is for a man who prefers plainer things, and I don’t want to do colorwork, but a few stripes would be fine.

I have a pattern but it doesn’t have the ribbed brim. Could I just do a 1x1 or 2x2 rib?


I like 2x2 ribbing for hats. No particular reason, it seems to look better to me. I would think you could add ribbing to almost any hat pattern.

I just made one using the DK Mariner’s hat pattern with a simple change to 1x1 ribbing after cast on. I wish I had gone down a few needle sizes for the ribbing but the recipient loved it. Another on my needles now that looks a lot better… but I’m trying 2x2 ribbing after this. Rib band DK hat

Yes, add ribbing of your choice. I prefer both the look and the better performance of 2/2 ribbing for all hats, myself. It’s also quicker to make than 1/1. Yes, go down one or sometimes two needle sizes for best results. I make my ribbing no less than 1-1/2” wide, for best results. 1” is too skimpy except on a baby hat. If the wearer will fold the rum, do 2” or more.

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