Elk Fur into Yarn?

Wonder if I can knit with elk fur!? Is that a thing? Someone is probably doing it somewhere :grin:

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Omygoodness they are huge deer! Small moose? Nice neutral earthtone colors…

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I know, right?! Once they shed their winter coats, think of all the fur turned into yarn!! Idk if that’s doable but there were so many in our yard the next evening I couldn’t help not consider the possibilities😁


They are so beautiful! What state are you in? We have a lot of deer in NC and maybe some elk further into the mountains but I haven’t seen one yet.

Are you a spinner? Is there a down to it or just straight hair? You would certainly have a good supply. If nothing else you have a magnificent scenic and wildlife view

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We live in Oregon, up in the hills from the Columbia river, roughly half way between Portland and the coast
It was awe inspiring to see that many that close! We see deer more often.
I am not a spinner, just see potential in these animals:) I have no idea about the texture/characteristics of their fur. They’re also very skittish and run at any movement or sound so there’s no chance of collecting any fur from this herd!

I imagine they are like whitetail deer so slim pickings as far as usable knitting fiber but, my goodness, to see so many is just amazing. My daughter lives near Seattle and we have been to Portland (Loved it!) so will have to check out that area next time to see if we can see any herds. Amazing. The whole Pacific Northwest is, I think, one of the most beautiful parts of the USA.

Happy knitting! Maybe someone else knows something. (:

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I didn’t find anything about elk fur into yarn from Google, however someone in Nebraska uses bison!
It is absolutely beautiful up here​:heart_eyes:I retired 5 years early to get out of So. Cal.and move up here to be near my parents & sister. I am luving retirement :grin:

I am so happy for you to be near your family in such a beautiful part of the country.

No fur or undercoat on an Elk, as far as I know, only hair. Bison have an undercoat like a camel and makes for a very lovely spinning fiber and yarn. I love to spin but have lots to learn about it. I have spun a small sample of bison though and it’s so soft.


I am blessed :))
Is it soft and light like qiviut. That fiber is amazing!!!

I am not sure if Bison and Qiviut fibers are similar but I think so. I have a small sample of Qiviut to spin but it’s buried in a moving box I haven’t gotten to yet. There are lots of spinning fiber websites you could check for further info.

You might want to keep a lookout for Elk antlers once they shed them in the Spring. They would make all sorts of awesome decorations!

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I would love to find elk antlers, if any bucks survive hunting season:((

There will be plenty! Look in March and April. Hope you find some. (:

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I’ll look! Thx for the tip😉