Extraordinarily Wide Stitches

I am an Elizabeth Zimmerman-style loose knitter and I frequently go down a needle size or two to get the stitch gauge I want. Unfortunately, the stitches I create on my wooden needles are usually shallow for the row gauge. So I have a tendency to knit wide, shallow stitches on small needles. It’s a problem when I’m making a sweater or a hat.

I read on a blog that changing the material of needles might help! So perhaps something with more friction, like bamboo? Any advice is welcome!

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Bamboo and wood are about the same not-slipperiness. Try something completely different, like metal maybe? A little harder to control if you’re a loose knitter, but I’m here to tell the tale that it can be done.

Thanks! I actually switched to the Flax Light pattern and have had much better luck achieving a reasonable gauge! Might have been a pattern flaw.

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