Field Guide 22: Grace Knitalong!

My KAL? The ever so wonderful Gossamer. I am loving this pattern!


work even means to work in the currently established edge and body patterns,
and at the same time, at each 4", and on the RS, make a buttonhole.


Thank you Nell!

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I’ve been going through some health issues. Return of breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. I’m starting chemo soon. MDK has kept me going with the daily emails and Field Guides. I love you guys so much. The day I received my No.22 I ordered the Gossamer yarn and got started. I like to do one project at least from the new guides. Here’s my current status on Gossamer. [quote=“MDK-Allison, post:1, topic:8710, full:true”]
Hello knitters,

Our knitalong for Joji’s Field Guide 22: Grace is about to begin! We’re so excited to start working on our projects. This is where we can gather to share progress, photos, tips, ask questions, and knit together virtually.

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Join us as we kick off the Knitalong on October 10th at 5pm Eastern by signing up here. You’ll get the Zoom link emailed to you the morning of. We are going to be giving door prizes throughout this event, so be sure to attend. We won’t be doing a recording of this event, so you’ll want to be there for the fun.

Happy knitting!


This was suppose to go with my post but I can never get it right!!!


Your Gossamer is just lovely.
I’m wishing you good health, and an easy journey. xo


I’m not partial to deep v necks myself. I also like looser sleeves than this pattern suggests. So I’m going to make a couple modifications, I’m going to knit the back farther before stopping to join with the fronts. Then for the fronts, I’m going to cast on for my size (I’m knitting the 4th size) but then follow the neck increases for the smallest size. I don’t know exactly what neck I’ll get, but I think it will be closer to what I’ll like. Then because my armholes are larger, I’ll be joining the two fronts and knitting flat for a bit till I get to the right length to join with the back. I’ve got another pattern for a v-neck that works that way, so it seems like it ought to work here too! I’m almost done with the back yoke, so starting on the fronts soon, hope this works!

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Thank you! It seems as if you’ve worked out a good solution. The split at the v-neck is so lovely I am reluctant to redesign it, but I think what you suggest might work without too much fiddling around. I look forward to seeing your result.

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I’ll post photos when I get far enough along to see. I’m not fast, so it’ll be awhile!

Kudos for making it{the barbydoll pattern} work for you!
Mine wound up way too short and way too wide but hey, had fun…

How are you doing? Just getting to end of short rows on back. Rhinebeck and work put me behind schedule. Stitches not perfect, but I’m knitting through it. I’m not going to see the back. Since I’m learning all new skills, I’m allowing myself some slack. If I keep taking it out, I’ll never get done! Check out German short rows - it works, and so much easier than w&t. Yarn is wonderful!!!

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Thank you.

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Finished Gossamer, using a shawl kit I had purchased some years back from MDK, and supplementing with a few other colors.

Very fun and surprisingly quick knit.
Project details on the Ravelry project page if anyone is interested.


That is gorgeous!


thanks - I restarted this morning after Kay’s article - I did the two garter stitches for the edge vs the slip stitch and I am much happier with it.


Hi! I am working those directions as work rows 2 and 3, and every 4 inches work row 1 for the buttonhole. Then go back to rows 2 and 3. I’m not sure if that makes sense but when you do it, it does make sense. Hope this helps!


I’ve reached the part of the Grace notes pattern called body and I thought I knew what I was doing up to this point but from here on I’m not understanding the instructions at all. I hope there is another article on what to do next.


Your progress looks great so far! Best wishes for better health xo

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I had to read that a few times - you’re joining into one flat piece at the underarms, but not yet at the V-neck (still flat knitting)
After several more increases to shape the V, you will finally join to work in the round.

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Thank you! I think I get it now. I just wasn’t certain and didn’t want to go on and on and have to rip everything out. I had joined at the underarms but not the v neck so I was correct. Now I’m hoping I get the cable row counts correct. Definitely have to pay attention!