Finishing Sleeves in Pattern (k1,p1)

I’m not a new knitter, have made way too many shawls, washcloths, etc. However, I am on my first sweater (Weekender) and it has been fairly simple. I’m now at the cuff edge and it says to finish in pattern and I am stumped. I need help with what type of needle this takes, and exactly how to do this. Does anyone have a simple solution? If not simple, logical? I’m not really on sleeve island, I’ve got the boat to get off, just need the paddles.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Shelly,
I have not knit the Weekender, but am familiar with the term to finish (bind off) in pattern.
When you are ready to end the cuff, continue with the same needle and the same stitch repeat you’ve been working in; in other words, if the cuff was worked in 1x1 rib you would knit 1, purl 1, bind off, knit 1, bind off, purl 1 bind off… or whatever the stitch sequence you’re using is. IF you pull the stitches as you bind off, then use a larger needle, or a lighter hand. : )


Thanks so much! I just finished my sleeves! I’m officially off the island. I appreciate your help.

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Hooray! I am happy when I can help. So, what’s next? :wink: