Fraternal Twin Boys on the way

How many sweaters, socks, washcloths and bibs can two newborn baby boys possibly need? Since my daughter showed me a strange looking photo of an ultrasound in January I’ve been pumping out tiny sweaters. I’ve had one total failure so that one is going nowhere.
How many sweaters do I really need to knit before the baby shower which is June 1st? Karen’s SIL told me she’s so excited to see what I’m knitting. It’s Leah’s fault. She’s making me do all this knitting under pressure.
That’s my story…


Congrats x 2!!! And you’re gonna need a LOT;) How about the baby blankets & hats to match sweaters!

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Thank you!

I’m working through my stash so what I’m finding is what I’m using so I say.
I did buy a whole bunch of blue yarns from Wool Warehouse when they tempted me with a sale one day last month.

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Ha ha! I hear you. My first (solo) grandchild is on the way. All I can say is Webs did very good business from me during last month’s anniversary sale!


Socks! They need socks! Cute tiny socks with two color toes and heels…

here’s what I did and was a hit…the box said Gameday… Inside were about 8-10 pairs …with little tags on them…the colors were: her school colors and my son’s, his college, their favorite sports teams, Ohio State ( where they live) and South Carolina ( where we lived)

The only trouble was…she wouldn’t take the tags off! …instead she hung them on a line and decorated the nursery!

Have fun with the bambino’s!


Yup, they will sure need socks. I’ve got that started since I used to have an Etsy shop and my specialty was infant socks. After I got tired of that I closed my shop for a while and recently woke it up. It’s still empty. The babies will be getting a whole bunch of tiny socks along with a collection that I purchased before we knew the gender.

I just finished another cardigan the other day and played yarn chicken right to the end. All I have left of the yarn is about 2’ and I still have the sleeves to set in. I think I’ll make it. If not, then I’ll use a white yarn since there’s white in the sweater. I didn’t realize that the ball of yarn that I grabbed had only 360 yards instead of the traditional 450+ in the average ball of sock yarn.


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