Garter Rows vs Ridges for Baktus

I’m making the Gradient Baktus with Euroflax linen. Instructions call for 30 garter ridges of colour A. Is that really 60 rows? Ridges are hard to count when using
EUroflax. Many thanks in advance!

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Yes, a ridge of garter stitch is formed by two rows of knitting. You don’t count the Cast-on row and you do count the stitches on your needle. When changing colors, to avoid the bumps of contrasting color, mark the right side and change colors when the right side faces you. You’ll have completed a ridge and will begin an odd number row with the new color.


This is a big help! Thank you so much! ( it’s amazing how much I don’t know, and I thought I was a pretty good knitter!)

One further question…utube video says to knit one row with colour A, then purl back with B to create one row stripes. Is this what i do with gradient Baktus?

I think that 2 rows of each will work better. That way you’ll have a ridge of each color.


Ok, thanks…away I go!

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