Help me figure out this stitch

I would like to knit a dish towel and dish cloth following a pattern by designer Jena Kofoed. It’s a pattern written in Danish that has been translated to English. I’ve included a photo of the finished product for reference

There is one stitch that I’m stuck on. Can you please give some advice?

P1 loosely with yarn in back

Can anyone explain how to do this or share a link to a video showing?

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That is a really interesting stitch.
Does the pattern mention dropping the YO that results from purling one loosely with the yarn in the back?
I’d love to see the entire stitch pattern btw. I checked for it on Ravelry, do you have another source?

Thanks so much for responding. I have figured it out! It took a lot of patience and practice.

The question that I asked above seems to simply be a stitch that is slipped as a Purl stitch with either yarn in back or in front, depending on which side one is knitting. In Danish, I think that it may be written a little different, so it was lost in translation. It’s really a fun - and surprisingly easy, knit.

The pattern is new to me, and I discovered it is Daisy Stitch, so requires one row to prep the stitches (K1Yo2) and then the next row to create the Daisy by slipping the stitches, with a combination of knitting and YO.



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