Help, please! Has anyone ever done a wedge yoke?

I’m trying to figure out (I think) the maths for the Tin Can Knits Marshland pattern, which is a gorgeous top down yoke, which according to the instructions is a wedge style yoke. And while I’m always up for learning new things, and I always thought I had a reasonable capacity for figuring stuff out…


To make it even more difficult, I was using the Strange Brew recipe that converts any yarn into use for any of the patterns… so I had found the most gorgeous palette of DK at my LYS in their house yarn - it’s a wonderful MCN and this is for my husband to wear with his kilt for the wedding festivities, it picks up all the colors… if I can figure it out!

My main questions:

The difference between the Strange Brew and the Marshland pattern: SB starts with the smaller needles and ribbing neckline at cast on, Marshland begins with the cast on, knit 1 row and begin the first increase rows on the larger needles and you pick up the neckline later. Why, I have no idea, but I wonder if I could do it the Strange Brew way? (That way I know the 112 cast on stitches would be right?)

If not, then how do I find out the wedge formula given on page 36 - where the answers for DK weight are given that include and are based on the neckline being included? I just can’t seem to get past this… am I being too fixated?

Also, the size I’m working is XXXL, so if I am working Chart G, which has 3 stitches at the top, does this mean that I divide the number of stitches in the last row of increases by 3 and this is the number of wedges? Because it works out to 43 and that sounds like a lot.

Is this too advanced for me? Other than the math, I can do the actual knitting… but the math is making me feel like a dunce!

I don’t have the Marshland pattern, but I cannot imagine a reason that you could not start with the neckline as long as you end up with the right number of stitches. The neck will look a little different, but it is your sweater so do as you like! Sorry I cannot help with the other math without the other pattern.

I’ve knit from the original Strange Brew pattern (I don’t have the book) as well as a few other Wedge Yoke designs (Hadley shoutout!)
According to the pattern that I have your final round of wedge will have 448 stitches. What is your wedge design? Meaning what is the number at the base and the number at the top? I see you mention 3, which means that your wedge will have a base of 10 or 11 (10.41)
If you tell me the numbers of your design wedge - number of st at the top and the bottom I may be able to help more.

Chart G is 62 rows starting with 3 stitches and increasing to 8 stitches. For the XXXL:
The chart repeats 20 (22, 26, 28, 30, 30, 30, 32, 36, 38, 40,
44, 46, 36, 38, 42, 44, 48, 42, 34, 38, 40, 40, 44, 48) times
per round.
Hope this helps.

Hmm. I don’t have my pattern now (I’m on break at work)
What I’m understanding is that you repeat the 3 (increasing slowly over 62 rounds) to 8 stitch wedge 44 (or 48) times. Is that correct? If so
132 or 144 stitches would be needed at the beginning of the chart - and would end with 352 or 384 stitches at the end of the final decrease and final round of the chart.
I presume that you’d have an increase round prior to the chart from the neckband - and another increase round or 2 after completion of the chart.

Hi Nell, I’m not the OP, was just trying to help. You are right, according to the pattern its 44 times ending with 352 stitches.
I just re-read what she wants to do and I think a lot of swatching and math will be involved. She wants to use the SB pattern recipe in DK weight but the yoke pattern from Marshland which is done in worsted.

Afraid I’m no help.

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Thanks everyone for all your help!

As per usual, I got impatient and struck out on my own and hopefully it will work out!

After reading everything the test knitters wrote on the subject, and measuring my own subject very carefully, I decided that holding two strands of the DK yarn together would be the best way to get the gauge I needed (and it is perfect!) and that I could safely go ahead and do the neckline first, as all the test knitters either asked why they weren’t, or said that the pattern should read that way in the final version. So I did, and lightning hasn’t struck yet…

My LYS is having a Halloween Makers Ball tonight and he’s planning to put my stoppers on the ends and wear it around his neck! I’m down to the end of the first sword handle.

Needless to say, holding the strands double ends the need for complicated math, thankfully!

If I can get him to stay still, I’ll get a picture!