Help with how to knit a lei or garland

I have a very crafty brand new High School senior. For her graduation (in a year - I have time!) I’d like to knit her a lei, but can’t find a good pattern online that looks like leaves and flowers - maybe what I really want is sort of a garland. I had thought of using the leaf-shaped washcloth pattern and making it smaller, attaching it to I-cord, and then adding flowers to it. Does anyone have some good flower pattern for that? Ideas/inspiration accepted!


For attaching, you could follow the Freak Flags pattern from the first Cecila Campochiaro Field Guide…

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I like it! And I have that pattern…


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Look at instructions for ribbon or cloth flowers for ideas. Roses are a wide, flattened triangle of fabric—knit or woven—that is rolled up from the pointiest end, and sewn together at the bottom. Change that to a crescent shape and it rolls or pleats into a different flower. Check out millinery decor for other ideas. And consider crochet sources for a variety of leaves and flowers, plus needle felted bobbles and berries.

Do you crochet? Check out Mo Malron’s CrochetObjet site. Her crocheted flowers are gorgeous - could easily work in a lei. I’m finishing the Shinjuku shawl; it’s a showstopper! Good luck

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