Honeycomb Scarf

I hope I’m doing this correctly…newbie here. Has anyone made different side borders on the Honeycomb Scarf? I’m at the swatching/learning stage and I wonder about a garter stitch border on either side. Would it add polish, or would it be a disaster? TIA for your thoughts on this.

Oh, I do love garter stitch edges.
However, because you’re working 2 RS rows, then 2 WS rows a garter edge would require you to do something like this:
RS1 knit edges
RS2 purl edges
WS3 purl edges
WS4 knit edges


Good point. I wonder if anyone has come up with more elegant edges? I’m loving working on my practice swatch and I’m so glad I’m doing it - rather than diving right in.

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Oh no! Watching tennis and look what happened!

Almost to the end of my 1st Freia Minikin.
Do I have to rip back all those rows?:cry:


Call it a stripe and move on I think.

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Actually, that’s a good idea! I think I will leave it this way. I’m only a few rows away from changing Minikins, so I can just pretend I already changed the Minikin and switch pattern sides when I change balls. Not only will colors change but the pattern sides will reverse as well with every new ball of yarn.
Thanks for the validation sabograd!


It must have happened when I finished a 1B row but thought I’d finished a 2B row, right?

I actually did the same thing, and decided that I kind of liked the way it looked. I think I did it a few times!!! LOL!!! Design! Yours is beautiful!


I think it just shows the magic of the pattern!

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I have been working on my Honeycomb Scarf for awhile and am totally bored with it. The colors aren’t changing fast enough to keep my interest. I have 2 gradient balls I’m using. Our LYS has a pack of minis for toes/heels. Should I mix it up some? The minis are only 100 yds.


It can’t hurt to try it and see if it helps!

Apologies for ineptness! I can’t find how to post a new question, so help, please? My question is how to tell, when you’ve had to frog back, which row is now on your needles. I know the next row will be 1 or 3. But which? Thank you!

I’m still working on my Honeycomb throw. I had to stop for a while because as much as I love Freia, it is not so nice to knit with when the humidity is hovering around 98%. But it’s cooling off, so I can keep on. I’m quite happy with it, I think I’m just finishing my 7th minikin, still have about a third of my bomb left, so it’ll be plenty long. Hoping for a cold winter! And Houla says hi!


Wow! I’m in awe ! Just wonderful knitting.

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Beautiful throw! Hi, Houla!

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Note: I’m calling the rows 1, 2, 3 & 4 instead of 1A, 1B, 2A & 2B.
It’s Row 1 if it starts and ends with Knit 3
It’s a Row 3 if it starts and ends with a purl 2

I’ve had to TINK back several times (careless mistakes, usually with the wrap) and each time I was confused as to what row I’d unknit back to until I finally realized 1 & 2 both start with a Knit 3 and 2 & 4 both start with a Purl 2.
1 & 3 would be with 1 ball of yarn, and they have wraps around every other stitch.
2 & 4 would be with the other ball of yarn and they have no wraps.

Hope this helps.


This is super. Many thanks!

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I am finally getting to the finish of my Honeycomb Scarf. This one will be going to Portugal to keep a very stylish friend warm. He recently moved to Lisbon from San Diego and while it isn’t cold by my standards, he’s definitely making an adjustment. Loving the results with the two Freia Shawl balls.