How to Convert Written Instructions into a Chart

Hi all
I have a sock pattern Bar-8 Cable Socks that I would really like to knit, but the instructions are only written out, not charted. I’ve tried this pattern twice, and frogged twice, and along the way learned what happens if you drop your cable needle on a cross-country flight. (Answer: no knitting happens unless you have a spare project. Knitters, be prepared!)

Anyway, I have become a knitter who prefers charts, and so I am wondering how to go about creating one from the written instructions.

Advice, techniques, or cautionary tales much appreciated!

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Ah yes, the joys and terrors of traveling with knitting! I usually knit 2 socks at once on a long cable needle - no risk of dropping my needles mid flight.

My only advise on charting a written-out pattern is to decide if you are charting to be read from right to left, or left to right. And from top to bottom or bottom to top. I believe most charts start on the lower right, with each row worked to the left, and subsequent rows worked towards the top. But since this is your own conversion, you can do it however it makes the most sense to you.

I personally do not like charts, and prefer written patterns. It looks like the pattern you are working with has a very small repeat, which should make it easier. But it is no longer available on Ravelry, so I’m just going by the photo.

Good luck with your project!


Thank you for replying. It is a 12-stitch repeat and a 14-round repeat. It’s just complicated. A chart would help me see what’s going on better—I’m just not sure how to make my own.

I should also mention I’m looking for a digital solution, rather than graph paper and a pencil.

I think you could do it using an Excel sheet as your graph. Is that what you mean by digital? I’m not aware of she program that will convert for you.

I go back and forth between charts and written, depending on the pattern. I don’t think it would be that hard to write/type out the chart instructions into Excel. Message me if you’d like some help, I’d be happy to try.


There are a couple of programs that do that. One is - and the other is -
Hope this helps.