In Search Of: Favorite Baby Blanket Pattern

You might try Purl Soho’s Knit Four Point. I’m looking up others in my Favorites in Ravelry and will get back to you…


Okay, here’s some more: Hope Baby Blanket
Purl Soho’s Color Study Blanket in your choice of baby colors - this one is killing me. Want an excuse to make it.
Our Dear Hostesses’ Fussy Cuts Blanket

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I’ve made several baby blankets recently; both of these are a lot of garter stitch, but I love the squishyness of garter stitch for babies. This one, Colorful Wedges from Purl Soho, was for my brand new granddaughter with colors chosen by my daughter. And this classic pattern, Moderne Baby Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting, went to a dear friend. Both of these are simple knits and the results are all about the color choice.

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I have made Purl Soho’s Chevron Baby Blanket several times and it’s always a hit.

Great size for strollers - can use bulkier yarn to make larger or enlarge pattern. Simple, quick and free pattern.

I was thinking of a chevron pattern but then I remembered that my daughter had crocheted a chevron blanket for the first baby!

You could get some fabulous colour effects by playing around with the 4 strands!

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You always can—and good for when you don’t know what kind of baby will be arriving :smirk:

That one is so pretty!

The polka dot blanket

Thank you very much.

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