In Search of Lightweight Cardigan Pattern

I want to make a cardigan out of cotton/linen blend yarn, but I need a good pattern. I’m looking for something that I can wear during the summer months. Any suggestions?

“The Mister’s” by Anne Hansen, which is found at KnitSpot.

I’ve made it in merino, silk, and a linen blend, and I’m telling you the linen one gets worn the most of the three!

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Last year I made bleached in a silk/wool blend. I bet it would work great for linen too. Here’s the rav link: bleached pattern page


Helvetica by Elizabeth Doherty. It’s the smartest construction, entertaining to knit, and will never slide off your shoulders. And it works up fast as well.


I LOVE my Lizzie by Cocoknits. I made one in a cotton/linen blend. Lizzie


That’s on my list too. I wish I could remember off hand what I found on Ravelry. They have quite a few. You may want to search for cropped.

I can only recall 2 at the moment Amiga in Knitty and one from Herzog’s first book — hers may be in wool, can’t recall, but mine won’t be. It’s described as a pattern for either a vest or a cardigan.

There’s also the Whisper Cardigan & another one very similar to it.

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