Increases in seed stitch

Hey has anyone increased in seed stitch? What’s your favorite way? I guess I should practice a bit but thought I’d ask too. I tried a M1 front & back thinking the resulting purl bump would line up but it doesn’t look polished. The instructions are just “increase knitwise”. Thanks!

Where in the knitted fabric are the increases? If they are at the selvedge edges M1’s would be perfect.
If they’re within the fabric I do a double, in a purl, [knit, yo, knit] or [knit, purl, knit] which keeps the fabric on track.


Thanks Nell. They are in the middle of the row increasing from 43 to 52 to get to the next stitch pattern in the strip. I’ve tried a couple different ways but it just doesn’t look tidy.

Ok, that’s helpful! I would change to the stockinette and increase across the row prior to beginning the colorwork section, and would definitely not do the increase that I mentioned above that makes 1 stitch into 3.

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