Insomnia Real Estate

Much like Ann, I too suffer from House Envy! Thought I would share this treasure in my neighborhood with you all to day dream about. I seem myself lounging in one of the windows with my fantastic, hand spun silk laceweight draped gracefully across my empire waisted gown while I wait for my royal lover to arrive. But that’s just me.


What a fun thread idea! I’ll add my favorite house, one that has haunted me for a few years since we were browsing listings. It’s still on the market, but it’s a gorgeous 1900 house: it overlooks a beautiful river and has a pasture for sheep and a studio for weaving or pottery or spinning or just drinking tea in sweet solitary peace.,-concord,-ma_rb/?fromHomePage=true&shouldFireSellPageImplicitClaimGA=false&fromHomePageTab=buy

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Sigh! I do love an entry hall. And yes: we all need a pasture.

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This is truly mind boggling. I mean: my mind is BOGGLED!

I forgot to add this yesterday. Filmed at the Castle. Beyonce! Big Pink Curlers! I’m in heaven.

My stash would love living in this house!


I have swooned over this house (from the outside) IRL. It is just amazing.

It is swoon-worthy! Like Aunt March’s house, it would make a great school.

Okay who is in? We could do this!


My mom’s family is from near there. Lovely place if you don’t need to earn a lot of money!

I’m charmed.


Oh, I heard about that this morning. How about that for a daydream?

This is so wonderful! Such a dreamy place.

Ann! Your Cambridge pile has had the price dropped by 200K. Ready to spring for it now? We could go halfsies!

JULIA. I am just here to tell you that in my visit to Cambridge last week, we WALKED DIRECTLY PAST the Thorpe House. It was BECKONING, I tell you. It wants us to live there. Imagine the knitting retreats we could cook up in that place. SIGH!

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I see an Insomnia Real Estate Playlist in our future.

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What a fun thread. I am happy where I am. But I would love a cabin in the Berkshires, also a tiny house studio in my yard ok?

Architecture nerd reporting for duty.

To think you can get an important home on acreage for $1.3m. In the SF Bay Area that wouldn’t buy you much, sadly.


Thank you so much for this link! I have never seen that house before (for as many FLWright lectures I’ve sat through). It’s stunning and beautiful and interesting. All the hexagons! Bee metaphors abound. Love it.

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Oh my, this is new to me too. I love it - and hope that just the right person/people find it, too.