It's a Wrap! The Giftwrap Technique from Field Guide No. 8

Let’s see if this is as easy as she makes it look!

Yes, it is👍 (especially the pro tip of using your cell phone as a weight!)


Yep, I tried it too and it worked. But now I’m going to try and wrap a Gaia Shawl. I’ll let you know how it works. :relieved:

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Hope you’re working with larger tissue paper; mine was not the “recommended” size but works for small items!

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I folded the shawl into a square and it worked just fine.


Turned out beautifully!! Thank you for sharing & and Merry Christmas

Amazing! Where do I get this field guide? I boxed my gifted hand knits but LOVE this idea so much. :smiley:


Right here at MDK❤ Field Guide 8 Merry Making book!! Featuring Thea Colman’s patterns. Pg. 38 is titled “It’s a Wrap” and she shares this clever, quick step-by-step wrapping technique! (Also, don’t forget to download MDK gift tags…FREE!)