It's Léttlopi KAL 2023!


Really gorgeous! Almost the same colors as mine, but totally different look.

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Thanks! And the best part - it fits! :grin:

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Thanks to Christina and MDK for this KAL. I didn’t think I could knit a sweater in a month. I did! I learned a lot from some MDK videos I watched as I worked through the pattern. I finished with a sweater that fits nicely. What else could one want from a KAL.


My cat won’t touch acrylic but he loves natural fibers. He’s a yarn snob like me, lol. :joy: Love your sweater!


Daytripper cardigan for a loved one.
Working next on a multi-hued Destination pullover to try to reduce some of the Lopi stash.


Lovely. The buttons are :star_struck:!

“Technically” the Bang Out (knitting through February) portion of our MDK Lopi KAL is over, but carry on, Lopi lovers! Keep sharing FOs. And if you haven’t had enough already, we just put our remaining stock of Lettlopi on sale: Léttlopi - Modern Daily Knitting

I’ve worn my Felix pretty much every day since I finished it. K-12 Catholic school gets one into the uniform groove.
Hey It's Me in my Moor Lopi Felix


I did that with a couple of hats, really worked well. Find a bowl to let them dry to your head size. Both hats are now tight knit and more than 35 years old.


Bound off today, now to weave in ends and block. Not sure about yarn atfirst but have grown to love it.


I love those colors together.

So many LOVELY LOPIs! I finished my solbein cardigan, and like most of you, have lived in it since weaving in the ends.


This is SUPERB. It’s next in my Lettlopi queue for sure. :heart::sun_with_face::sunrise:

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I wore my modified trinket mittens to work this week. Hopefully this is the last cold/ cool snap for us in Alabama. But I wear fingerless mitts all year at work so I like having different types. This pair will definitely work for the coldest days. They still need a soak to even out the stitches but I couldn’t wait to show them off! Lol!


This is a brilliant mod for when the full mitten is just not what you need. [Scrambles in the stash basket for her Lettlopi leftovers to CAST ON NOW.]


Stash busting pullover completed. It might be spring but it’s still cold enough to wear this today!


Silvana, this is an instant classic! Love the motif-mixing and jubilant pops of blue!:clap:

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Thanks Cristina!