It's Not Too Late!

There are three days left in this (fill in your favorite swear word) year. That’s three whole days to make it great!

I was looking through my calendar and a lot of good things happened both pre- and post-Covid and I have revised my 2020 New Years resolution from “don’t get any parking tickets”* to “focus on the good.”

So I’m making a list and I hope you’ll join me here and post the good in your life from 2020.

  1. In January, I did something at work that is the thing I am most proud of in my entire career. It was amazing.
  2. My friends and I had lockdown potluck parties where we cooked bunch and then one person drove around and dropped off and picked up so everyone got some of everything.
  3. Zoom has often felt like a curse but it has often been blessing. I’ve found new knitters, virtually sat at the feast of masters, ran into an old friend at a totally random party and rekindled our friendship, discovered new musicians and artists, and found inspiration when I had none. A lot of people deserve credit for this but I have to shout out Melanie Falick, Chris Difford, and the Allison and Andrea Yates.
  4. Babies continue to be born so my baby blanket game has been on point.
  5. I got a new job and a new car - both of which I really needed.
  6. My best friend is an essential worker so he had to be out and about all the time. Which meant I didn’t. My car became the drop off and pick up station. Robb dropped supplies off in my backseat so I never ran out of anything - including toilet paper.
  7. Other people got wind of the drop off point so I found a lot of treats.
  8. My family is safe.
  9. I’ve tried a lot of new things that I wouldn’t have before. Origami anyone?

I could go on and on but I really want to hear about the good things in YOUR 2020.

I also have a list of the bad things including all of the loses this year. I keep that list safe and close to my heart.

*I only got two parking tickets but on the first I was helping my niece during the lockdown so I’m not counting it and on the second someone was supposed to put more time on my meter but in a not-very-nice way told me I had time on my meter when I didn’t so I’m not counting either of them.


Neither of those tickets count as they should have been given to someone else. It was darn nice of you to pay those tickets on their behalf.

Tried some new knitting things and learned a great deal. Learned to give myself a break if a project is absolutely awful. Frog it and find another use. Or frog it and allow the yarn to marinate in my brain - eventually good plans rise to the top. I signed up for a MKAL. Yarn arrived late (ordered late as well) so I had a chance to see what others had done with the clues. Realized that projectwas not for me. Immediately found another project to start when I complete my husband’s Christmas sweater.

Learned again and again how much I love my husband and how much we enjoy spending time together. Got a lot of fun projects completed.

Began incorporating some positive health changes in my life. All for the good.

Daughter and son-in-law deserve kudos for their hard work to keep all of the grandparents as involved as possible with video calls and photos of their son. They did an amazing job coordinating his 4th birthday in early December and Christmas day.

Learned to love Zoom as a way to learn new things and to keep in touch with family and friends.

Happy to report family and friends are safe!

Wishing us all a wonderful new year filled with peace, excellent health and the ability to bid a fond farewell to COVID!