Keeping Your Knits Looking Nice

I have a trick I love to refresh my sweaters after each wear - I have a spray bottle (like a plant mister) that I fill with water and I spritz down well any part of the sweater that got stretched out or too relaxed. By the time it dries the sweater goes back to shape, and then I use my beloved gleener if too pilly.


I use it a ton for baby gifts and blankets as it is washable.

Which Gleener head would you suggest using on sweater knit with Hektos? It’s 75% merino wool, 15% cashmere, 10% silk

When in doubt, I’d try it on the inside surface of the fabric to see if I like the result.


Oh, good idea! Thx

interesting question… and for wool sweater - don’t wash them often. Wool is very odor absorbing so they will not smell funky for a long time. Linen on the other hand you can wash and dry frequently it will only look better and more drapey.

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