Knight Hood by Erika Knight

I’m kerflummoxed. On the BACK, I finished Short row 7 and turned without wrapping. My working yarn is on my left needle! How do I work to the end?
Also, I don’t understand “working wraps together with wrapped stitches.”

I’m not knitting this, so I will let someone else answer the first part of your question.

As to the second part, “working wraps together with the wrapped stitch” will look like K2 together or P2 together where you pick up the wrap with the stitch it wrapped and work them together in pattern. Hope that helps.


Thanks! The instructions in my Vogue Knitting Reference referred what to do on the knit side and the purl side. Since I am knitting 1×1rib throughout, on one end of the right side, I’m facing a knit stitch and on the other end of the same side, I’m facing a purl stitch. Don’t know what to do with that purl stitch…


I would treat each as required by the pattern then.

All done but the blocking (Mar 24th), nice yarn to work with, easy on the hands. Fun, pretty easy pattern


Wow that was fast! So glad you enjoyed working with Atlas.


I’m sorry that I missed answering this, the reason that you don’t wrap the final turn is that it’s the edge of the neck.
How is the project going for you?


I’m wanting to make one of these now too.

So many projects…


I travel to clients as part of my job and this was the perfect thing to bring on a plane and knit, knit, knit :slight_smile:


Thanks Nell. I’ll need to rip back. In the meantime I have finished my Swarf and cast pn the front for this. On the rows where l doing the M1 increases, and it says to continue in pattern, the increases throw the pattern off so I am simply doing what the next stitch tells me to do…so I wind up with 2 knits in a row on the right side. Is this right?


Yes, continue in the established pattern, you’ll incorporate each new stitch into the knit 1, purl 1 as you make them.
And, hooray for finishing the Swarf!

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Ready to pick up the neck stitches! I’m using the sample colors of Truffle and Cedar, because I loved the combination so much. My 7-year-old has already asked for her own, so my next project might be figuring out a size down for her.


OK, for those of you who have finished: does the hood on yours seem huge? Mine has been sitting here complete for a week and a half while I try to decide whether to block or frog down to the color change and go down a size.

Fairly large, but I live in San Diego so never a need to wear. Way too warm here, I knit and give away to the homeless


Know I am very late to the party but I am stuck. Instructions say to work inc stitches into pattern. ?. How do you do that? Once you make the increase do you force it into the 1x1 rib which will change the look of the fabric or do you treat it as dictated by its being a knit or a purl and THEN continue in the 1x1 pattern?

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As you create a stitch by increasing you will continue working all of the previous stitches in the established pattern - ie if the increase is prior to a knit stitch, it would then be a purl…
I hope that this is helpful!

Thank you! Was way over complicating. AM going to start fresh. Even made a chart so I could see how everything is incorporated. However to get the right stitch count at the end I have to increase over more rows than the pattern states.