Kos Neckwarmer Knitalong

Beginning Tuesday, March 7, we’re knitting the adorable Kos Neckwarmer from Arne & Carlos’s Field Guide No. 23: Glow.

How to Get In On The Great Dickie-along

The pattern: Get it here, as part of Field Guide No. 23: Glow. Print and ebook editions available. Check out the Ravelry page with yarn and needle requirements right here.

The yarn: Rowan Norwegian Wool. Choose from 14 Norwegian Wool colors right here. Or, as with all our knitalongs, feel free to use your own yarn.

The schedule: Knitalong will run through April 7, at which point we’ll have a new adorable dickie to get us through whatever wacky weather Spring 2023 throws at us.

Prizes? Of Course

We love to see your progress on social media! Take photos of your dickie in progress and post on Instagram or the MDK Lounge, and tag them with #arnecarlos and #moderndailyknitting. We’ll be randomly awarding $50 MDK gift cards to three knitters who have posted progress pix.

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I am never ahead of the curve! Skipped the hat, though not the podcasts, and went straight to the neckwarmer! Lovely yarn. Still cold enough to use. #arnecarlos #moderndailyknitting


That’s looking really great—I’m at about the same place you are on mine. I was breezing along then noticed (whispers) I did the decreases wrong! Doh! The decreases need to be worked with each repeat of the motif, not just once per round. Seems obvious, but not to meeeeee! Also: I circled each decrease on the chart to make sure I don’t miss them. Love and learn, right? :smiley:


I started mine last night and when I began the chart rows, I didn’t notice the first decrease! So… I have an extra plain row and then began the chart. No picture yet, but I began with the velvet red and frost pink. I plan to make each row of hearts in a different color. Loving it already!


LOL Extra rows on mine for the same reason! Knit on!

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Hi all,
Is this knitalong just in the lounge or is there a youtube posting, like with the Sedestal hat? TIA

I just added one more row after completing the black zigzag to balance out the color band… Then I followed Ann’s advice and marked all the decreases with yellow highlight - and discovered there are TWO decreases in row 7. Thanks to Ann for helping me catch that in time!


Hi! We’re just doing this one on MDK!

Makes my day to hear you caught those two decreases! : )

Omg! I did the same thing. I ended up not doing the decreases correctly so, I circled them on the pattern as well. Now I have to tink once again to get back and start decreasing properly. I’d probably get further along if I paid more attention to the pattern. :slight_smile:

Working on neck … think I’ll stay with the larger size needles as the initial ribbing is rather firm. Plenty of black yarn.

Changed all the colors but kept the design, made my neck warmer to match my heart. This is preblocking


Is there a recommended cast-on? I finished my other project and I’m ready to give this a go. Wanting to do cable so I don’t have to guess yarn.

A cable cast on would be just right!

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Great! Will get that started then.

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Ann - I love your colors! And the idea about an upper edge in a different color. I am slogging away at the neck - in black I can only do it in sunlight (upstate NY - not so much) or OttLite. Will post finished pic. Now I want to do another in the different colors I couldn’t think of to begin with. Maybe … gray, black, white and … pink?


Hi yall–here’s my MDK post outlining what can only be described as a humbling little experience with my Kos Neckwarmer! I’ve already started my second one, so happy to have a kooky lil project like this on the go.


I started mine. I cast one. I arranged to knit in the round. I checked. I double checked. And yet, I twisted. My plan to rain down hellfire and make that f-ing ball of really pretty pink yarn sorry it ever left Norway was only avoided by the Indians Jones/Short Round reunion.

I’m going to watch The Whale this weekend so I’ll start over. I’ve also made some adjustments from what I learned doing the hat but I’ll share them another time because I’m still mad.


So funny. Well, for me anyways.

Better luck with the restart!