#MarchforOurLives: Evil Eye Glove

Hey all, have you heard about Krista Suh’s latest project - Evil Eye Gloves for #MarchforOurLives on March 24? Here’s a link:

Krista has a pattern link on her page, but it occurred to me over the weekend the MDK’s Never Fail Mitts are perfect for this as well. The eyes can be made a variety of ways - crochet, intarsia, dublicate stitch, craft felt & hot glue!

I experimented with a crochet eye and will post a pattern when I get it worked out. In the meantime, I started a pair of Never Fail Mitts - perfect commuter train knitting for the next couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, I’m travelling on 3/24 and won’t be able to join a march, but I plan to crank out as many of these as I can over and send them off to DC. Join me?


Thanks for sharing.

I will be traveling to DC for this event.

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Is there an easy knit pattern for gloves? I am not very good at knitting gloves

Look at Ravelry – Simple Gloves for Evil Eye by Virginia Davlin. I’ve made 2 1/2 pairs. Stranded, knit flat. It’s not my favorite way of doing stranded knitting, but the color-work area is small & not too fiddly. image


Thank you so much I will look
at the pattern.:grinning::grinning:

Those are quite fabulous! I’m considering sewing fabric evil eye mitts for a change of pace…

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Those gloves are so cool

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