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Marlogram color choice

I’m already halfway through my first Marlogram, but I have one other skein of the Freia lace and definitely want to make another (I had purchased all 3 skeins directly from Freia Fibers a while back).

The skein I have is Maple, which MDK alas does not stock, but is a brown-red-orange-gold gradient. For reference:

I’m struggling to decide what color to pair with it. My first thoughts were Dahlia or Starfish, but thanks to Ann’s recent post about unexpected weirdness in colors, I’m now wondering if I should go with Dusk.

I could use the wisdom of the crowd, so, a poll: which color should I use?

  • Dahlia
  • Starfish
  • Dusk
  • Another color I will share in the comments

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Thanks in advance for your advice!

Ember might be lovely.

From your selections I like Dusk, but Woodsman would also look good I think.

I chose Dahlia because the contrast would be nice. The starfish is too similar and the dusk is too dark. Something like Melon, or even Ice Queen or Lagoon could be a good contrast too.

I’m almost done with my Dusk/Vintage marlogram. I like Dusk quite a bit but I think Starfish would be nice with your Maple. But if you’re looking to lighten it up what about Melon?

Thank you, all! So many of these are great options…I have the feeling I’m going to end up ordering 3 skeins and then making 2 more Marlograms instead of just one!

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