MDK Dishcloth KAL

They’re lovely!

Thanks! will keep going, I hope. I had many extravagant plans for productivity in July, but life intervened!

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The free pattern link on Ravelry does not work. Do you have a another source that you used?

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Oh, I’m so sorry. I never even thought to check. You can try writing to her on Ravelry. The pattern was written, as I recall. I charted it and have the graph. If you contact me on Ravelry at jetteknits, I would be happy to email you.


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That would be fabulous, Jeanette, f you could share the graph! I’m sure I could figure it out, but if you’ve already done the heavy lifting…
Looks like it was originally published on a message board/knitting group in Germany, which disbanded in 2018 : (, so I don’t think I’d be violating anyones royalty rights.
My email:
I’m on dishcloth binge!

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I had the same challenge - looked for the pattern with no success. Love how it looks! And thank you for sharing your handiwork. It looks great!

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Nice! I just looked the pattern up and it calls for size 3 needles. That doesn’t sound right to me. Am I crazy?

What a fun idea!