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MDK March Mayhem Knitalong

This is going to be fun.

Basically: knit any pattern of the 64 designs featured in the MDK March Mayhem bracket. Browse the patterns here.

Show and tell here—seek counsel for your questions, help out a fellow knitter who’s stuck. And share your progress on Instagram, with the hashtag #MDKMarchMayhemKAL.

How to Participate

Start date: this minute!

Duration: through the end of May 2018.

Consult the bracket. Buy a pattern. Order up yarn from us if you feel a need for new yarn. (Of course you do! Have a stroll through our juicy offerings.) Cast on that hat or wrap or yoke or sweater.

If you’ve already started a Mayhem project, that’s great—projects in progress are fine. This isn’t a speed contest; it’s a let’s-all-knit-cool-stuff-together thing.


We’ll be watching Instagram and awarding prizes including a) MDK yarn kits and b) sets of MDK Field Guides to knitters. To be eligible, post your project on Instagram with the hashtag #MDKMarchMayhemKAL. Once a week through the end of May, we’ll announce on Instagram the projects that have won a prize.

Our criteria for prizes? Beauty. Ambition. Wonderfulness.


I’ve already started dyeing yarns for Jared Flood’s Galloway Cardigan!


I loved Martha Wissing’s summer cardigan Hummelo from the start! That wonderful Berroco Fiora yarn in that cruncht texture! But, the “summer” part isn’t working :frowning:


OK that’s next-level–dyeing your own colors! What base are you going to use? How fun.

Humulus was my pick from the beginning and I’ve had that pattern for months. Not sure I’m up to knitting a winter sweater just as the weather begins to warm but what the heck, the worst that happens is it goes into hibernation until fall, right.


Do you have a yarn in mind yet? I can’t decide whether to go for subtle, close colors or for a lot of contrast.

I have Blue Sky Woolstok Driftwood and Earth Ivy that I think might be my choice for this.

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Zweig for me. Have loved the pattern since I first saw it - and just bought the most beautiful camel and yak yarns. Won’t be starting for a while, I have limited experience with two-handed color work so am taking a couple of classes to add some umph to my skills - can’t bear the thought of messing those yarns ups. So, even though I have a raging case of castonitis, I am on hold til April 26th.


Luminosity is my pick. I’m playing with colors currently.


That’s so cool. What program are you using?


I’m in with the Dohne shawl. Using Briggs and Little Sport that I had in my stash: a lovely rustic, woolly, heathered yarn that is Canadian like me! Also, in my neck of the woods it is still winter so I need a rustic woolly shawl.


i have a wip that i am hoping to finish for an event at the end of april, but i will be lurking here to see what everyone is casting on. can’t wait to join when i am able.

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It’s just Excel :wink: I kind of have a sordid love affair for spreadsheets.


I was just about to cast on Colorwash. I have at least 4 of the March Mayhem patterns in my queue. But when I opened my stash closet, I found these 3 skeins of pink fingering weight all nestled together. Add a white, and it’s the perfect combination for Xandra (which wasn’t in my queue!)

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It’s been a long day. I can’t get the photo to upload. Take my word for it - it’s perfect! :wink:

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Oh, I see his KAL is causing trouble* already, as it reminds me of those “long ago” patterns I love and want, Hummelo is definitely one of them. I even know the exact cotton yarn I want for it. As a small lace shawlette UFO made with it waits for the snow to melt. Oddly, I usually find it very hard not to knit for the weather I experience at that moment. I find this quirk extremely annoying as the calendar had me hibernate a great bulky winter hat a few weeks before our first of two, or possibly 3 springtime snowfalls. Nope, no climate change here.

*I must admit I am loving revisiting every pattern in every bracket. But instead of quickly voting & moving on my must have list just keeps growing.

I understand completely because I fell in love with Big Sister but after reading the notes on the Ravelry pattern page I fear it is too hard me… But it might also be the perfect learning project given this Mahvelous Mayhem KAL.

BTW, how do I know when a project is beyond my ability?

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I just ordered the Zweig. Had my eye on it for some time already. Now I’m really going to knit it. Have the same problem with choosing colours. There’s so much in my stash, so I’ll swatch some colours first.

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I casted on Humulus while woting for it (and others)
there are a lot more from the bracket I want to make, next one is the Weekender, the Dohne … actually I like all 4 finalist


Honestly, I’m not sure there is any such thing as beyond your ability. I’m a big believer in knit what you love. So even though I’m pausing on my Zweig, if I didn’t have a continental class and a fair isle class offered on subsequent weekends, I’d jump right in. I must confess though, I have an amazing local yarn shop that I can bring my projects to for repair. I can’t tell you how frequently I’ve been there recently with sad face. I’m lookin’ at you brioche! So be brave and knit what you love!