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Modified yoke to raglan sleeve

I am looking for how to change a pattern from a yoke pattern to a raglan sleeve pattern. I want to do color work on the top of the sweater an see lots of yoke type sweaters but those don’t fit me or look very good on me, a raglan sleeve is better for my body type. I have scoured the Internet and can’t find any information or books on that, and color work patterns a few for raglan sleeves - at least for women only for men why is that? Is it pretty easy and I’m just over thinking it or is it impossible and that’s why I can’t find anything. My thoughts are that I would just convert the yoke color chart to add in the raglan increases and then there would be a break in the color pattern for those few stitches. If I do it strategically it’ll become part of the pattern or not be to noticeable? Any thought or tips or help would be appreciated!

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I am by no means a designer, but I think I would approach it the opposite way. I think I would find a raglan pattern that I like and then look for a “motif’ that works and then try to place it so you can work the increases in the background color and either just have more stitches between them after the increases or add a different one after a few increases.

There are a number of pattern books that tell you how many stitches you need for the repeat.

Hoping that makes sense, and good luck.

There is no reason you cannot use a mens pattern, then stop raglan increases when it’s a long enough armhole for your body, and delete or add stitches to the total bust/chest measurement to match your size and fullness of bust. Then, note what the designers did to adjust the colorwork for raglan shaping, so you can apply it to other colorwork patterns. Previous writer was correct thst it’s usually carefully placed increases in background or solid areas.