Mood Cardigan Knitters Unite!

I could not believe how the lace spread when blocked! I made the sleeve piece on an interchangeable circular, put end caps on the cable, soaked and spread out till the lace opened. Had to shorten by about 9 inches! Knew what to expect with second piece and stopped sooner. I’m guessing that the body piece will have incredible sideways stretch potential!

In case this is still useful, I wet blocked. I had to rip back over nine inches on the sleeve piece! It was a great lesson: I blocked before starting the second piece.

Actually I made the sleeve, wet blocked it, and made it again on a smaller needle, and still made it too long!

I used Fyberspates Gleem Lace, and it’s just lovely to work with. I’m at the sewing together part and not, not loving it.

I’m ready to sew together but it’s been so long since I steam blocked the pieces that they’re no longer the right measurements so I’ve got to reblock. Grrrr! I don’t look forward to the sewing.

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Done my Mood! I loved the knitting. I read all your articles starting with quantities in Fyberspates Gleem and tried every new technique, including the tubular cast off. Sewing the two rectangles took the most repeat efforts. A very, very satisfying project, thank you!


Mood cardigan: do I block the body panel before binding off?

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Did you block before you bound off the body panel? I’m confused about the directions that say to put the stitches on waste yarn, then back on needles to bind off.

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The work is held on waste yarn for a steam blocking before binding off, assembling and ribbing.

Thanks very much. Now I’ll proceed with confidence.

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omygoodness, 5 months later, and I’m just seeing this. Sorry. I’m a bad Lounger.
What did you do? Yes I blocked, I think I recall with the held stitches on a long circular.
Then resteamed the seams after sewing…


I blocked with stitches on waste yarn and finished very happily. Love the sweater.


I did because the first piece stretched to extremely when I blocked as a size check! This sweater was worth all the effort!

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Here are photos of my recently completed Mood Cardi worn bomber jacket style!


Here it is with the rib lapel.


Beautiful work!