Needed: A Great Shrug or Short Cardigan Pattern Suggestion

I have 7 days to knit a shrug or short cardigan for a sleeveless dress I’m wearing to a graduation ceremony next Saturday. The dress is the current Eyelet Shirtdress in warm clover at J Crew. I couldn’t find anything I loved while shopping today and I’ve got some knitting time. Would love any pattern suggestions.


Try Retro Rogue? I haven’t knit it yet but it is free.

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Here is another option, which I have knit, and I love.

Weekend Knitting compiled by Melanie Falick has a beautiful short cardigan that appears Lacey and light in spite of its gauge of 16 st/ 4" because it is knit w Bergamo wool ribbon. I think it would compliment your eyelet dress well and be quick to knit up. The pattern is called Cache-coeur Bergamo by the designer VÉRONIK AVERY. The Weekend Knitting book was available as an e-book from my library. You could check access at yours.

The book also has quick pullovers, great sock pattern by also by V. Avery, knitted cotton lace edging for pillow cases by ALISSA BAPTISTA, and cute fairy tale finger puppets byPRISCILLA GIBSON – ROBERTS; along w recipes for slice and bake sugar cookies and hot chocolate, and a list of classic literature that features knitting-- fun book!

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I made Kathryn Ashley-Wright’s Firefly shrug when it first came out and she was selling at a festival. I have worn it to death (even though it never got on my Ravelry page because I made it before I had Ravelry quite figured out). It is quick, it is cute, it goes with all sorts of things, including sleeveless dresses.

I’ve been thinking of making Amiga

By Mags Kandis for just that function.

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I Have made several versions of Abria by Bonnie Marie Burns. Love the pattern! simply beautiful and top down, one piece.

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While not strictly a shrug, I wear Vitamin D like one, over sleeveless things formal and less so, and it’s one of the most useful sweaters in my closet.


So good to know. I bought pattern & yarn for that years ago to make for a friend. Still have both but she has a drachenfels I made for her, yet covet.

Gorgeous and no seams!

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