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non-traditional cowl shape? what do you think?

Hello! I’m going to make a cowl for a friend. He mentioned that his wife has one that is perfect for him, and he showed it to me last night. It’s so unlike any cowl I’ve seen before.

This is my first post, so I’m not up to uploading pics yet. Let’s see how this description goes.

It’s knit in the round for what looks like 3 pattern repeats made up of 12 rows each. Then, another 3 pattern repeats decrease in length and are knit flat. The result is a cowl that has more fabric on one side (back 14") than the other (front 6.5"). It was 40" around for the bottom opening and 19" around at the other end.

I went to Ravelry to see if there was a pattern out there, but the first few hundred I looked at were more traditionally shaped. Y’all are such a knowledgeable group, and that’s not even flattery for the sake of a response. :slight_smile: Any search suggestions better than “cowl” or “hooded cowl”? Have you seen this unicorn in the wild?

Thanks for this community!


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I know this is not exactly the same as what you are mentioning, but would this work?

Otherwise I suspect you could modify any number of cowls to be more like what you saw.

Good luck!


I’m not sure I fully understand your description … but was it something like this?


Hi and thanks for mentioning Beginnings. I like that cowl, and I was headed in exactly that direction until he brought the sample. Now, I’m going to make the one from Beginnings for my mother as the next project. It’s a nice one!
Thanks, again!

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Hi @bluejeandolly - thanks for trying to picture my description. It wasn’t like that, but what you found is interesting. thanks for sharing! I’ll file that away, too. Thanks so much! -D


Thank you @Ann1 for recognizing me for good behavior and promoting my status to where I can add a picture. Here it is. (and did the description even come close? )


That reminds me of Starshower by Hilary Smith Callis. Her cowl patterns


Hi @virginiamae! Thanks for the link, and I think you are right about that Pattern.

When I use the app “Shazam,” it can tell me what song I’m listening to. It’s like you turned into the Shazam of pattern finders here. I put the picture out, and you told me what it was.

Thanks for searching it out!


Oh wow, I love that! I kind of hate cowls as a garment because they are either
Too loose to be warm (too far from the front of my neck)
Too tight to be comfortable

I’ve solved that in the past by pinning them with a penannular brooch, but this one looks like it might actually be practical!


I so agree with you @Renniebrooke! Cowls tend to be too-too for me…um…too. :slight_smile: I’m so close to finishing a top/shell for myself, and then this is next on the list. Thanks for adding your reaction!